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Take a Whack at Bernie Madoff (Legally)

He is eee-vill. Like the fru-its of the de-vill.

"Eee-vill. Like the fru-its of the dev-ill. Eee-vill." (Mike Meyers as Charlie Mackenzie in "So I Married an Axe Murderer"

Did you, or anyone you know, lose money because of one Bernard L. Madoff?

If so, chances are that you (or the folks you know) would like the chance to beat the crap out of the guy. Hell, I never invested with this scum’s firm, and even I want to take a few whacks at him.

If you’re interested in taking out your aggressions (legally), you can take a whack at Bernie whenever and wherever you’d like (and as much as you’d like) thanks to a fun new creation called the “Bash-Me-Bernie” doll.

According to the doll’s official website, This wonderful action figure capturing Bernie in the ‘I am about to stick this poker right up your ass and take the spare change out of your pockets’ position can be yours for just $99.95 plus shipping and handling.”

And, if you place your order soon, the fine people at Mini Me by ModelWorks will include a “Hit Bernie” hammer with your shipment!

Now, if Bernie did end up taking you for your life savings, then it’s probable that you can’t even afford the shipping on the doll, let alone the $99.95 to pay for it.

But the idea is still funny as hell.


02 2009