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“Decorate Your Blog Like Your High School Locker” Day

Seriously. It’s not like many companies have a “Decorate Your CUBICLE Like Your High School Locker” Day, right? Go ahead. Be jealous. Or grab one of these pics and throw it up onto your computer background for a day. Have some fun with it — it’s friggin TUESDAY. Live a little — nothing ever happens on Tuesday!

Anyway, here’s a peek of what my locker would have had taped to it’s insides, circa 1989-90 (my senior year of high school).


I memorized EVERY BLOODY WORD from Hysteria. Wore a Union Jack tank top with my Guess shorts, and teased my hair relentlessly. To this date, I still re-create Joe Elliott’s moves from the video “Pour Some Sugar On Me” whenever I hear the song. (DON’T JUDGE! You know a rock band with a one-armed drummer is the coolest shit EVER.)



Okay, okay. I loved cheesy hairbands. But don’t hate on Sebastian Bach. Back in the day, his range was tested only by Geoff Tate (who obviously won — I’m not a complete idiot). Look at that hair . . . those pouty lips . . . he even had the “smokey eye” going on long before it was a trend!



No self-proclaimed “Rocker Chic” could have ever made it through high school without a little Jon Bon in her locker. (No . . . really. Have you ever stood next to Jon Bon Jovi? He’s shorter than Tom Cruise.) C’mon, who can resist the song “Livin’ on a Prayer”? Tommy and Gina! They’re gonna make it, right?



I threw that one in there on parent day, to appease the folks and the nuns. I kept it up long afterward, because, c’mon, can I get a glass with that six-pack?



I may have been a die-hard Rocker Chic, but I also knew a classic when I saw one. During high school, I worked for a mom & pop video store. After “Say Anything” had it’s run in the “New Releases” section and was replaced with “Goodfellas,” I snagged the poster. I think it’s still somewhere in my mom & dad’s garage.


Okay, there you have it. My top five locker pin-ups.

I dare you to respond with what you had in YOURS!



07 2011

The Dewey Decimal System

I recently used the term “Dewey Decimal System” while in conversation with a teenager.

“The what?”

“You know . . . the numeric system that libraries use to organize books and periodicals.”

Then, I quickly added, “If you even ask me what a library is, so help me God, I’ll SMACK you!”

She knew what a library was. (“I don’t like their computers. They block too many sites on the internet.”) But that wasn’t how I remembered the library. I used to LOVE the library. When I was a seventh & eighth grader, I went to the library because “high school guys go there.” (And to do some occasional research for a book report or a term paper.)

In high school, I went there because they had electric typewriters, and my reports had to be typewritten, double-spaced. (Remember that?!)

Then, the whole typewriter thing got me a little nostalgic. Do you remember any of these things?

  1. The Bookmobile
  2. Friday nights with the Hardy Boys and the Hulk
  3. Tylenol capsules (not caplets)
  4. Going right up to the gate at the airport to pick someone up
  5. The Reagan assassination attempt
  6. Writing checks for “over” the final total at the grocery store because it was after 5:00pm on a Friday and the banks were closed on Saturdays and Sundays
  7. The Dorothy Hamill haircut (If I find a picture of mine, I’ll post it!)
  8. Atari
  9. Four channels on a console television
  10. The top-loading VCR
  11. The feeling of euphoria as I “jumped” on my skates at the roller rink to Van Halen’s “Jump”
  12. Big-Mac-Filet-O-Fish-Quarter-Pounder-French-Fries-Icy-Coke-Thick-Shake-Sundaes-and Apple-Pies!
  13. Oh yeah–the apple pies were DEEP FRIED
  14. Elvis died, but you were too young to understand why it made your mom cry
  15. We liked our mailman, and we tipped him at Christmas
  16. Video stores having only one copy of a movie
  17. The grocery store and the drug store were two completely different buildings
  18. Sleeping in my bathing suit
  19. Planning a trip to “someone’s friends’ house” because they had cable and MTV
  20. Friday Night Videos
  21. Hearing the intro to “Soul Train” signaled the end of Saturday morning cartoons
  22. KFC’s Chicken Littles
  23. The “commercial wars” between McDonald’s and Burger King
  24. The ORIGINAL “30-Minute Workout” (Go Bess!! Work those leg warmers!!)
  25. And for you OLD FOLKS . . . Watching your mother or grandmother using a coke bottle with a cork and a metal thingy at the top with holes in it to “sprinkle” water on garments as they ironed (Beat THAT!!)

Ahh, the good old days. Anyone seen my BetaMax copy of Caddyshack?


10 2007