Bunch of LOUDs

Meet the LOUDs. They come in all colors, races, shapes, and sizes.

Pair of LOUDs

I’ve created the acronym “LOUD” to mean “Lurid, Obnoxious, and Unprepared Diva.” Take from that what you want. Many of my readers have called them something else. However, “LOUD” works best for me.

They appear when we least want expect them to. Yelling at their kids while in line behind you at the grocery store, holding up the drive-thru line at your favorite fast food restaurant, arguing with their boyfriend in the parking lot at the mall . . . you get the picture.

My encounters with “LOUDs” are listed below. Feel free to use my moves next time you come in contact with one.

When L.O.U.D.S. Can’t Hear

The McAccident — An Open Letter

Cell Phone Pooping: Cell Phones in the Bathroom

Keep Your La Leche Lovin’, Breast Feeding Opinions Up Outta My Grill (A.K.A.: Catfight at Nail Salon)

Let’s Get LOUD!

LOUDs and McAdditional Ordering

Are You McFrickin’ KIDDING Me?

Back Off! Catfight at the Grocery Store

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