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Note: If you were just playing around on the internet and found me by Googling search strings like, “Cookie Lee,” “Cookie Lee Blog,” “Cookie Lee Start-Up,” “Cookie Lee Negative,” “Cookie Lee Scam,” or “Cookie Lee Complaints,” then WELCOME! All of my Cookie Lee posts are listed throughout the content on this page. Enjoy!]

BRAND NEW POST! [April 15, 2010]: I Love a Good Critic, But the Offensive Ones Can Bite Me

Sort of New Post [February 3, 2010]: Yes, It’s Staying There For-EVV-Errr

PS: Please read my previous post, “Cookie Lee ‘Call-Out,’” where I openly ask all Cookie Lee and other direct sales consultants to prove their “fabulous” part-time income & profit by sending me a copy of their IRS Form 1040 Schedule C. It was written nearly a year ago, and as of April 15, 2010, no one has come forward with their paperwork. I wonder why?!

This photo was taken in August 2006, almost one year prior to my decision to leave Cookie Lee. A lot can happen in 14 months.

This photo was taken in August 2006, almost one year prior to my decision to leave Cookie Lee. A lot can happen in 14 months. Like being told I wasn't serious about my business when I wouldn't travel 400 miles to convention within 10 days of giving birth. Via c-section. Damn, I'm a slacker.

My career as the “Cookie Lee Black Sheep” all began with this post:


I deliberately, thoughtfully, and carefully planned the placement of every word in that post. I wanted to be fair and balanced, while delivering a message that direct sales takes some serious work.

Because there was a time in my life when I thought that I could never consider day-to-day living without Cookie Lee. I wanted to be the most successful consultant ever — I made phone calls, booked shows, recruited other women into the business, and then realized I was ignoring the very people in my life that I had been working so hard for: my boys.

During my time as a consultant I saw and heard many, many things that disappointed me: women (married women) who I looked up to and respected acting like college co-eds during convention, consultants blatantly breaking the advertising rules to boost their business, company officials encouraging consultants to purchase an online biz-service that was nowhere near ready to be launched, and leaders using guilt and intimidation to get their consultants to purchase jewelry they didn’t need or take trips they couldn’t afford.

I didn’t mention any of that in my initial Cookie Lee post. I chose to leave it out, write up my official retirement notice with class and dignity, and get the hell out of dodge. [Story continues below.]

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My choice to leave Cookie Lee was based on several factors. Primarily, I was becoming someone I didn’t want to be. I was also listening to people that I no longer looked up to, and was bullied when I wanted to take extra time to be with my son after he was born. Most of all, I realized that the business I had worked so hard to build was worth absolutely NOTHING if I decided to retire. Because you can’t sell your business when you leave Cookie Lee, or direct sales in general.

In other words, if I bought one route of a pool cleaning business, and worked for three years to build that route into 12 routes that included 27 apartment complexes and 58 residential customers, I could sell the whole thing (or sell each route one-by-one) for a profit and move on. You can’t do that in direct sales. Your upline reaps all of the rewards when you leave the business unless you strategically bequeath it out to the active consultants in your downline.

Don’t get me wrong — I’m all about helping women achieve goals. But I can do that using methods that don’t require 20 hours per week away from my family.

So I decided to write about my experience as a Cookie Lee Consultant and Leader. After I wrote that initial post, I received SEVERAL offline emails from women who had been through similar experiences, either with Cookie Lee or other direct sales companies. Some of the correspondence even came from men who had used my posts to sway their wives away from becoming a direct sales consultant to “make some extra money” and toward using their time efficiently to do more with what they’ve already got. I once sat down with my bank statements and trimmed over $100 off of my family’s spending and no one missed a thing. Since then, I’ve trimmed an additional $385 out of our monthly budget. That’s almost $500 per month, which is the “additional income” that most consultants who join Cookie Lee want to earn “on the side.” [Story continues below.]

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My decision to “go public” with what I’ve learned and what I’ve experienced as a consultant has not been without criticism and hurt feelings. There are women in Cookie Lee that are truly sincere in what they do, and for that, I am sorry if what I’ve written has impeded their ability to further their career in direct sales. However, I gain much satisfaction knowing that what I’ve written (and will continue to write) has saved many women from making what could be an egregious mistake. And trust me, the search for “cookie lee negative” is the NUMBER ONE search that brings traffic to my blog. At least 50 per day. So I know that there are people out there who are trying to find the “cons” when all the consultant they have spoken with is offering them is a rosy future.

I will continue to use my blog to answer questions that I receive about Cookie Lee, and also about concerns I have with some of the recruiting practices that tend to cloak the time and resources that are really necessary to make money selling Cookie Lee Jewelry.

Everything I have ever written about Cookie Lee or direct sales in general is on this page. If you have any questions of your own, or if you feel that what I’ve stated is incorrect, please contact me at mamaneedsacosmo {at} ymail [dot] com.


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  1. Heather Lamb #

    I am so proud that someone has stand up and said that this is bull s*&^! I mean you go to any party now days, (scentsy, lia sophia or even slumber parties) and the host says, You don’t have to buy anything at my party just come and have fun. And then the hostess pushes and pushes you, and if you are guest number five and are drawn then you have to host a party. And of course you have to buy something that way your friend or relative won’t have to rehost the party cause if they don’t make enough in sells than it doesn’t count. All of these companies even rip you off more cause if you lose an earring they won’t replace it, and even in order to replace it you need the receipt! Well I have three kids and i will buy more than one thing, and they won’t send the receipt back! Thanks for saying something about all these sick and twisted companies out there that do this to honest stay at home moms. If I have to I will walk through hell first before I go to another one of these parties. Or buy anything else. It is ridiculous how they guilt trip you into becoming a hostess and say that anyone could do it. When I talked to someone about joining up, you have to do 20 shows in a week! What the crap! I am a stay at home mom with 3 kids ages 4 and 1! I can’t do that! And no one would babysit them for that long! even my husband!
    Again thanks! You are awesome and keep doing what you are doing! :)

  2. megan #

    hi there!
    i sure wish i would have done my research and stumbled upon this blog before i made the leap and joined this glorified pyramid scheme. i by no means want to call myself a “victim” because nobody held a gun to my head, but i was young, just had my second baby and this was sold to me in a way that made it seem infallible! ANYWAY…after receiving order after order after order of items that were broken (in approx. 10-12 orders… i never had any that came to me with every item intact by the way) and listening to the poor people that i (against my better judgement convinced that this was a great product) complain to me that they “wore the cuff they bought from me one time and it turned their whole wrist green” or “it looked like it was sturdy in the catalog but it’s made out of plastic and snapped the second time i put it on” or (and this is probably the one i heard the most) “it’s pretty, but i spend the entire time i’m wearing it trying to get it untangled until finally i just give up and never wear it again!”
    i scheduled myself for an event at a local fair and made sure that i cleared it up with the evernt coordinator that there were no other people there selling any jewelry. so i spend a MESS of my very own money for the 10 x 10 spot, the lights, the tables, the tent the whole 9 yards so to speak. the first night of the event comes around and i hear a couple of people say “oh another cookie lee lady”. Towards the end of the night another consultant comes to my tent and says QUOTE, QUOTE, AND QUOTE “oh my goodness” (she was sweet as pie and all smiles) “there has obviously been some sort of misunderstanding, the coordinator told me there were no other CL reps here!!!…Well obviously i will pack up my stuff and i won’t be back tomorrow cuz you were here first and we just don’t do that to eachother!” she went on to tell me how beautiful my set-up was…and how much she enjoyed meeting me and BLAH BLAH FREAKIN’ BLAH!! She clearly meant none of it because she showed up every day following that. I sent her an e-mail (since she gave me her card while we were “making friends”) and let her know that i was also scheduled to be at an event a couple of months later that i know there were no other CL reps scheduled for and i didn’t expect her to be there! i was totally professional the entire time i by no means said anything to her that could be considered nasty or mean or whatever…i just wanted to make sure we had an understanding. Well, she e-mailed me back and let me know that she stayed at the event where we met eachother because “after a long sleepless night she didn’t think it was fair to her customers if she left” and she didn’t appreciate me “threatening her with my e-mail!” You know what…she showed up at the next event too and that was it for me and COOKIE LEE because i refuse to be a part of something so awful! She purposely malicious and selfish and just plain ol’ two faced and if the company does “tank” i look at it as her little slice of karma!
    thanks for letting me vent and i live what you are doing here!!!
    keep it up!
    (former cookie lee lemming)

  3. Misty #

    MEGAN — First and foremost…calling it a glorified “pyramid scheme” makes no sense whatsoever. Pyramid schemes are illegal and typically busted within months of starting up. Cookie Lee has been around since 1992 – 18 years and going strong. It’s truly unfortunate that your experience with the company was so bad. And truly letting one consultant rub you in the wrong way and quitting over her does not speak for the company morale. I have been with Cookie Lee for nearly 8 months now and am completely happy with the company. My upline is one of the kindest, most sincere people that I have ever met and does not push me into doing things I don’t want to do and is a major source of support when I need it most. It is MY business and I do what I want with it. I have made good money doing shows and it serves it’s purpose as supplemental income. Furthermore, I have only had a couple issues with broken jewelry from Cookie and it’s NOT A BIG DEAL to return it for a replacement or refund. And let’s face it, it’s jewelry! Even expensive jewelry can break.

    HEATHER –Unfortunately, not all consultants are created equal. I am not pushy. If a customer opts not to purchase anything, fine. I don’t get all bent out of shape over it. There’s always the next party. Furthermore, unless you have insurance on your jewelry (Being costume jewelry or fine jewelry) what company is going to replace your earring for FREE if you have lost it??? That’s like not buying insurance on a cellphone…going back to the store and telling them you lost it. Tough Sh!t. Any decent consultant should have record of whether or not you purchased it from them…and could replace a BROKEN item by offering a replacement if in season or a credit. 20 shows in one week???? Wow…I don’t think so…you work your business as you want to. I work full time & have 2 kids, so I only do 2-5 shows each month, and schedule things as I desire, and am doing well. If you’re unwilling to work at the business, you won’t be successful. Bottom line. I don’t know if I will keep this as a “forever” job, but for now – I am happy, it’s working and I have positive things to say about it.

  4. Valerie #

    I agree with everything Misty has said. I’ve been with Cookie Lee since August of 2009 & have many good things to say about the company. The author of this blog sounds so weak. It was YOUR business to run as YOU saw fit. Not everyone in any business are honorable. As soon as you saw how those women conducted themselves you should have distance yourself away from them and found another group. My upline NEVER forces me to do anything I don’t want to do. Unforuntately, there were and are some bad apples in Cookie Lee. Before I join the group I’m with Idid research. This was an important decision and I know I had to find just the right group for ME. Jewelry breaks. It can break if you purchase it from Macy’s, Nordstrom, or Forever 21. Send it back to the company and get a replacement. Whoever is reading this blog, don’t let these negative comments keep you from joining Cookie Lee or any direct sales company. Investigate for yourself. It’s called research. Make an informed decision for yourself and for your family.

  5. 5

    Direct sales isn’t for everyone, there is alot of work, planning, and organization involved, you also have to take some chances along the way. I’m happy to report that I’ve been involved with Cookie Lee for over 3 years now. What started as an addiction to cool jewelry and accessories and wanting everything on the table, turned into me having a team of 53 consultants, free vacations, and a business that regularly generates a commission check of anywhere from $600-$1000 per month, and that doesn’t include my commission from parties, that’s just my downline. Direct sales isn’t a pyramid scheme, it’s people bringing others into the business, nurturing them, teaching them, helping them, and reaping a small percent of profit from their efforts…and most importantly, giving the people under the the chance to do the same thing. I will say that if you are one of the first people in an area to sign up for a particular company, however, you do have the best chance of success in growing a team. In my case the person who signed me up had alot of success in my area for about 2 years…then I came on board. She eventually moves out of the area and I am now the highest level leader on my area. That came from persistence, slow growth, and not giving up! I think the key to direct sales is finding a product you can believe in and that you love. Cookie Lee has always been that for me, however, it’s not for everyone. Our return policy is better than most department stores on jewelry that often costs less than theirs. It’s not FINE jewelry, it’s costume jewelry, it’s not supposed to last forever. But if you take care of it, it will last a long time. I have pieces I bought my first year that look as good as new, I don’t wear them every day, but when I pull them out of the jewelry box I’m just as excited about them as when I first acquired them. I think it’s good to get perspective on any company you are looking to join, nothing is perfect. But I highly recommend Cookie Lee jewelry, it’s the best value out there, and at a 50% profit margin for consultants you can’t beat the commissions vs. efforts! Just my two cents!


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