Conversations w/ Jake

Jake Mess

Jake is a cool kid. He’s smart, sweet, funny, and has a very active imagination. If you’ve got kids, you should cruise through these, because they are all proof that kids are, at their core, sincere and hilarious creatures.

Conversations With Jake: Penis Pockets

Conversations With Jake: Underwear (or, why you shouldn’t try to lie your way out of an embarrassing situation even while hiding in a bathroom stall.)

Four Years and a Forgotten “Goodie”

Conversations With Jake: Rock ‘n’ Roll Dance Party

Wake Up Call

Conversations With Jake: Glasses

Conversations With Jake: Valentime’s Day

Conversations With Jake: Man Up!

Conversations With Jake: Smacking

Conversations With Jake: How to Make Chili Water

Conversations With Jake: And On the Fourth Day, He Cut the Cord

Conversations With Jake: The Leg Cast

Conversations With Jake: A Guest Post

Conversations With Jake: Servants

Conversations With Jake: Ssshh!

Conversations With Jake: Correcting the Server

Conversations With Jake: What’s That Smell?

Conversations With Jake: Frugal Preschooler

Conversations With Jake: What’s for Dinner?

Conversations With Jake: Accessorizing

Wordless Wednesday: Blue Frosting

Conversations With Jake: No Pizza for Daddy

Conversations With Jake: “True Love’s First Kiss”

Conversations With Jake: Socks

Conversations With Jake: A Black-Eyed Boy and His Entourage

Conversations With Jake: A Boy and His Preschool Harem

Conversations With Jake: Our Son is a “Playa”

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  1. SurfCitySiren #

    I just wanted to let you know that, well, #1, I don’t read Blogs. Nothing personal against bloggers, I just don’t. I don’t really have time and my (probably misguided) opinion has always been that most blogs are like the junk mail in our mailboxes–they clutter up the internet and pop up in annoying and irrelevant ways in response to my Google searches. And I don’t really give a rat’s hiney about the minutae of the average Jane’s day-to-day existence. Call me a narcissist, but if I am–and I’m NOT, dammit!–then at least I’m a narcissist with more free time on her hands.
    I found your blog by accident. You can drop the Federal Trade Commission a thank you note for inspiring my “Cookie Lee Scam” Google search (or hate mail, depending on how much you either appreciate or despise my comments/rantings. But I digress.
    The point of this post was to #1 tell you I don’t typically read blogs, but I’ve been reading yours and #2 to express my admiration for said blog ; )
    After reading EVERY SINGLE Cookie Lee post on this site, I have to say that I’ve come away from my experience here (after unleashing all the fury of a woman’s pocketbook scorned by sharing my own bitter, miserable experience, of course!) feeling downright ZEN. Five years of resentment, gone. Thank you for that!
    After reading all the CL posts, I moved on to the story of the $8 lock and the rectal thermometer…and will probably read even more, when I have the time. I just wanted to express my appreciation for your candid and fearless insights, as well as your humor. I’ll be back next time I need a smile, in the midst of my fruitless job search as a 8 year stay at home mom, with no degree, a prior work-related injury, and no current job skills. Hmmm…..maybe selling Cookie Lee wasn’t so bad, afterall! I”M KIDDING! Take care.


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