“Frankism Friday”: Scrumptiously Deliciously Nutritiously

Earlier this week I announced that my husband and I were going to begin using the Weight Watchers points program to lose weight and eat healthier. All is well–we’re in that first week of bliss where being meticulous is key and we’re uber excited and can do no wrong. (In fact, I’ve got 24 points stored for the week . . . so I can basically go out and “blow it” tonight, and be fine tomorrow when everything resets for week #2.)

I’m liking the food too. I can eat anything I want, and am discovering that I’m even eating foods that I thought I didn’t like.

Today, for instance, I packed myself a low-fat yogurt parfait with fresh fruit. Sounds easy enough, right? Yet, I found that I was having to pump myself up to get the inner me to want to eat it.

And then this awesome motivational phrase came to me with such “blast-from-the-past” force that I thought for a moment that the papers on my desk blew around. Here it is:

“Scrumptiously Deliciously Nutritiously.”

Doesn’t that just make you want to giggle?! It’s something my dad used to say all of the time, especially after a big, hearty meal.

I’ll be using the silly phrase to get the inner me to want to eat better food, even if I don’t think I’ll like it.

“Scrumptiously Deliciously Nutritiously” is your Frankism for the day. Go forth and put it to good use.

PS: Have a fantastic Friday!

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11 2007

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  1. Petula Wright #

    Good luck with Weight Watchers… I need a little extra motivation to get the weight off too! I’ve been stalling because I still nurse the younger one at night so I don’t want to cut back too much, but I’m so tired of the extra weight lurking behind every… well, lurking behind me! :-)

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