Let’s Get LOUD!

Angry FrogAahh. Nothing brings out the LOUDs more than the first of the month.

(Newbies to my blog: For a definition of what a “LOUD” is, see my sidebar. Or, you can go to this post about a LOUD that I happened to get into a small catfight with at the grocery store, or this article about LOUDs at McDonald’s)

So, I’m at the grocery store last night [because I love to torture myself after work], waiting for a prescription to be filled, when I decide to take advantage of an expiring coupon for some Chinese food.

And I’m noticing that the place is packed. More than usual packed. Then I realize it’s the first of the month, and all I wanted to do was get the hell out. But I was jonesin’ for some Peking pork, and had another 10 minutes of waiting for my prescription, so I knew I was stuck for a bit.

So I get in line behind an average guy with an average order, and I make eye contact with the “Sizzling Wok” employee and smile as I peruse the tasty offerings of the evening while his order is being filled. There’s not many people around, so the use of the pink-tag number system wasn’t really necessary.

Enter the LOUD. [On the wrong side of the line.] Let the fun begin.

Average guy then leaves with his two-item combo, and I step forward and begin to say, “I’ll have a . . .”

LOUD: “Tss! ‘Scuse me! I was next.”

Employee: “No, you weren’t. [Nodding in my direction] She was.”

LOUD: “Uh, no. I was here, and I want to get the buy one quart get one quart free deal . . .”

Employee looks away from LOUD and over to my direction.

Fashion Paramedic: “Oh, PLEASE go ahead! Her Highness must not be kept waiting.” [Followed by a bow and roll down of the hand.]

Employee laughs. LOUD is unimpressed, but gets sidetracked by laughing 12-year-old at her side.

LOUD: “Tss. I want to get fried rice in the first quart, and chow mein in the second quart, and then I want some drumsticks, but you have to ring that up all separate.”

Employee: “In order to get the special, the quarts have to be the same thing.”

LOUD: “Uh, no. I got this before. They can be different.”

Employee: “No, it says that items must be the same.”

LOUD: [To kid at her side] “Shut up. I’m trying to order.”

Employee: “Ma’am?”

LOUD: “I want one fried rice, and one chow mein.”

Employee looks at supervisor for guidance. Supervisor says, “Just give it to her . . .”

This ordering bit went on for several minutes. When she was finally pleased with the feast before her, everything had to be bagged a certain way. Because she was using cash for one bag, and a debit card for another. A third bag could only contain six-dollars worth of food, because that’s all that the kid she had with her had in his pocket.

And as this was taking place, I had an epiphany.

She must do this all of the time to get her way. Be obnoxious, and sooner or later, people will acquiesce.

I did it, with a little push-back. And it pissed her off, because she’s probably so used to people backing down that she didn’t know what it was like to get verbally bitch-slapped.

The store supervisor backed off, and the LOUD was pleased. She got the reaction she was looking for.

I know we’re just talking about Chinese food here. But I refuse to be mowed down by what I like to call “‘Me First!’ Bastards.” Petulance is for kids!

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05 2008

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  1. 1

    Wow. That just pissed ME off. Your maturity level impresses me (seriously). Had my confrontational, rude ass been there, that scenario would have gone down a LOT differently. LOL! Good for you for putting her in her place without stooping to her level. You’re so stinkin’ classy!

  2. 2

    I do not know who you are, but I needed a good laugh. I found your blog from that $1000 giveaway photo contest . . . Way to go. I love it when people stand up for simple decency and courtesy.

  3. admin #

    My niece says that “A lot them just have a big bark but not a big bite….” Most folks–LOUDs included–don’t want to throw down. I have to pick my pokes carefully, though. There’s always the parking lot!

    PS: My brother says that my “sarcasm is so elegant.” I like that . . .

  4. Lisa Lisa #

    I always get pissed off reading your “LOUD” Posts. I’m the type of person who likes to point out to the LOUDS that they are being loud and obnoxious. I can’t stand the whole “Cry baby, Me first” thing… along with many others.

  5. 5

    I don’t think I would have been so nice – well – depending on what kind of mood I was in at the time. (very moody mom here)

    I think the 1st of the month brings out all the LOUD’s. Every once in a while we make that mistake and go out to eat on the first of the month and want to go home and shoot ourselves later.

  6. 6

    Oh I HATE these kind of people, and this post totally made me laugh, glad I came across your blog!

  7. 7

    I’m afraid I would not have been as compromising at all! It saddens me to admit I probably would have been LOUDer. Haha. I need to work on that! ;)

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