LOUDs and McAdditional Ordering

WTFI waited THREE DAYS to post this. Three long, painful days. Because I knew it was perfect “‘What Into The Hell‘ Wednesday” material.

Long story short, Jake got sick in the back seat of the LOML’s truck on Sunday afternoon. Bad sick. Like, I was waiting for his head to spin around on his neck and his body levitated above the truck sick.

And, after 20 minutes of hosing everything down (including Jake), I decided to take the truck to a car wash to get the seats and carpet cleaned. Time of departure: 3:27pm PST. And the car wash was about 15 minutes away.

Realizing that I hadn’t eaten since breakfast, I decided to stop at . . . you guessed it–McDonald’s . . . to grab something quick to scarf down on my way to the car wash.

Then, I realized that the car wash might be closing early because it was Sunday. So I called them up, and sure enough–they were to close at 4:00pm. CRAP!

So there I was. In the drive-thru line with less than 30 minutes to get to the car wash to have them steam clean our seats. And then it hit me. I was behind a LOUD again.

SGDHF!!! (That, my friends, is the acronym for every bad word under the sun. I shout it every once in a while when things aren’t going my way.)

This LOUD in particular was in rare form. Not only did she wait to get to the speaker to ask everyone in the car what they wanted, but then . . . ADDED TO HER ORDER AT THE 2ND WINDOW (you know–the one where the employee is supposed to be handing out the food, not taking money).

(Time on clock: 3:34pm PST–26 minutes left to get to car wash.)

First, she handed the employee a dollar and asked for something. Then she put the car in park and shut it off.

A few moments later, the employee emerged with a vanilla cone.

The LOUD then turned the car on.

Then turned it back off again.

Then reached over to the passenger seat floor for what probably was a purse or wallet.

The LOUD then honked her horn, hung her left hand out the window and handed the employee three more dollars.

Because apparently the LOUD didn’t realize that she couldn’t get away with getting a vanilla cone for herself. Everyone else in the car now had to have one.


(Time on clock: 3:39pm PST–21 minutes left to get to car wash.)

The employee emerged again with three more cones.

The LOUD distributed the cones accordingly, and turned the car back on.

Then honked the horn again. For napkins.

Time on clock when Fashion Paramedic finally got to the window: 3:44pm.

Cost of food: $4.19.

Not having a gun rack in our truck: Priceless.

PS: I did make it to the car wash in time. The manager took pity on me and my barfmobile, and had the truck sparkling by 4:20pm.

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04 2008

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  1. 1

    OMG! That would have drove me absolutely crazy, but I am so glad you were able to get the car cleaned. More than a day with it like that would have been, uh, a little smelly! :)

    Is he feeling better?

  2. admin #

    Petula! Where’ve you been all my life? :)

    Oh, man. I was so “angry.” Jake was okay for a bit, but now he’s home sick again. And has pink eye too. Poor little guy!! I’ll have to go get him some movies on my way home.

    Thanks for asking!

  3. Lisa Lisa #

    I can’t stand when people do this. The employees should take charge and say “Sorry we have other cars behind you” and then have them either a) Move on and get the hell out of the way or b) Park their ride and come in side. If they REALLY need to have that extra item, then they need to go inside and get it. I hope Jake feels better soon. I get so sad when one of my kids is not feeling well.

  4. Jaymie #

    What into the hell is wrong with these people!!!!! I think you need to find a different Mickey Dees to go to. That is just wrong.

  5. 5

    MAN if I had a PENNY for every time I have been THISCLOSE to getting out of my car to walk to the car in front of me and scream in their face… I’d be rich. Alas, I always manage to control myself. That woman should be beaten with a stale Quarter Pounder.

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