Third Grade, Day One

Last night was “Back to School” night.

A couple of friends and I decided to hit a local pub just before the festivities began, which was not to my advantage, since in my foggy stupor, I ended up volunteering for events that I had planned on attending for pleasure. Yay me.

In the mean time, toward the end of the presentation given by my son’s very cool-awesome-fantastical 3rd grade teacher, we were given an assignment — write our child a note that he/she will be given on the 1st day of school.

And all of the sudden I wished I’d had at least one more shot of Patron, since the whole activity got me all verclempt and watery eyed and had me pretending that I needed to sneeze for TWELVE MINUTES STRAIGHT. Here is what I wrote (or something close to it):

Dear Jacob,

Welcome to the 3rd grade! Your dad and I are so very proud of you!

Please remember to be a good boy, follow Mrs. Teacher’s rules, and try not to talk too much. You know better than that!

Don’t be afraid to ask questions if you get confused. Remember – YOU ARE NOT “STUPID.” You’re an awesome boy and don’t let anybody tell you any different. Just do your best, always give 100 percent, and never EVER give up.

We love you, and we know you will do great things this year!

Love, Mom & Dad

I know . . . Cue the tears . . . But in retrospect, I wish I’d at least told him to have fun. I’m such a downer sometimes.

Good luck, sweet boy. Third grade is NO JOKE.

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08 2011

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  1. Lisa Lisa #

    Awe, what a sweet note left by Mama :)

  2. Lisa Lisa #

    Awe, what a sweet note left by Mama. Even if she was a little tipsy :)

  3. Nic #

    Back to school “night”? That’s cool. We have ‘meet the teacher night’ two or three weeks into the school year to go over curriculum, homework schedules, etc., and are asked to leave a brief note for our kiddies for their return to school the next day. :0) Our kids don’t go back until September 6th.

    What a nice note you wrote Jacob! Grade Three is a honking year at this end (provincial (your equivalent to state) exams). It will be nice when the note makes its way back home and you can put it into his Grade Three memory book (binder, tupperware box, etc.) :0)

    I feel your pain about your “merlot moment”. I was at a BBQ last Friday night and was “lassoed” into Parent Council stuff (I like to fly under the radar and volunteer on a whim.) Of course my acquaintance waited until I was on my third glass of wine to recruit me. (Sssssshuuuuur!)

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