Aged Two Years in About Four Weeks

So I was processing images taken from Jake’s football picture day, and I realized that with the stroke of some clippers and the addition of a football uniform, he looks as if he’s gotten two years older.

This was Jake at the California State Fair in July:



Here's Jacob, looking all little and innocent and like he'd never hurt a fly.


Now, the photo below is Jake over the weekend. He knows nothing of the man named “Mean Joe Green,” but he sure resembles him in miniature stature:



"Hey kid . . . what the hell you're parents feeding ya, anyway?"


He had no idea I was photographing him, and I have no idea what he was thinking about. All I know is that Jake, in the picture below, reminded me of Bobby Boucher thinking about something that was pissing him off so he could tackle the hell out of someone.



"Captain Insano shows no mercy!"


There’s a story out there about how, when I was little, I would wear a football helmet EVERYWHERE. Once I get the facts together, I’ll write about it. In the mean time, Benzilla now wants a football helmet of his own. Anyone got an extra one lying around?



Well, if he puts it on backwards, he won't see the hit coming.


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08 2010

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  1. Lisa Lisa #

    I’m so glad you put him into football!! He was BORN to play football, I mean… LOOK AT HIM!!! He’s a perfect fit! Now we’ve got two football players in the family :) Love it!

    LOL! to the Bobby Bouche, I love that movie Water Boy!!!

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