The One With the Picture That Makes Everyone Think He’s All Sweet

Benny turned three in July.

And, poor little guy, he didn’t get a party or balloons or even a CAKE.

Because he’s the 2nd child. And second children get the shaft until they’re old enough to know better. And, not only that, but he’s ONLY THREE. All he cared about was that someone sang him the birthday song and gave him ice cream and a toy that made lots of noise.

Photo of three year old Benny, sharing ice cream with his daddy.

It looks like a tender moment, but what you don't see here is Benny flinging the spoon at his brother 10 seconds later.

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08 2010

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    I’m glad it’s still photography, and not video. I can do without the inevitable screaming. I think that reason is the primary reason I never had kids (because I don’t have a basement to lock them in, where they can scream to their heart’s content). Lovely picture, though. A true Kodak moment.

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