‘Frankenstory’ Friday: The Trouble With Chipmunks

If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you already know that a “Frankenstory” is a story about my dad, Frank. Today’s installment is more of a “Blankenstory.” Here’s why:

My father is hard of hearing. He’s also going blind, but he’s been hard of hearing for as long as I can remember, and he’s never admitted to it.

Instead of getting the help of a hearing aid, he’s spent the last 35 years filling in the “blanks” (what he doesn’t hear when someone speaks to him) with words of his own–most of which don’t make much sense.

One of my favorite “Blankenstories” took place about 20 years ago in our backyard. A few of us were sitting on the patio with my parents, and after a conversation had sort of “died down,” my mother asked my father:

“Dad. Can I have a kitten?”

[Dad shoots mom a ‘What-Into-the-Hell‘ type of look.] Then he replied:

“A chipmunk?!!”

[Everyone on patio falls out of chairs laughing. One of my sisters runs into the house and down the hall to the bathroom to avoid peeing her pants.]

“No!,” my mom said, “A kit-ten!”

“Oh! A kitten?,” he replies. And quickly shakes his head. “No! I don’t want no kitten running around here.”

“Well . . . then, “ said my mom, “Can I have a chipmunk?”

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03 2008

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  1. Lisa Lisa #

    This story is so funny! Chipmunk sounds nothing like a kitten :o)

  2. gagay #

    found u in linkreferral..ex link?

  3. Corrina #

    That made me laugh out loud!

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