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frankenmondayI usually tell “Frankenstories” on Fridays, but my Mom told me this one over the weekend, and I just couldn’t wait to tell it. (BTW: If you’re a newbie here, click on the “Frankenstories” tab on the menu above for a sampling of what a “Frankenstory” is.)

Last week, my parents bought a new car. (And didn’t tell ANYONE. So we’re all pissed because we just KNOW they got taken advantage of — they bought warranties and rims and God knows what else. But that’s a rant for a different post.)

My parents’ old car was a 1995 Honda Civic. Mileage: 58,681. And to this day, my Dad thinks my Mom drove it entirely too much and too far. Seriously.

Anyway, the greedy bastard salesman that sold them the new car asked my Dad if he would sell him the Civic in a private sale for $800. (Eight HUNDRED dollars. My Dad could have parted it out for three times that amount . . . but again, I digress.) Dad countered and asked for $1,000 cash. A deal was struck, and the salesman got the Civic.

Then, my Dad told my Mom to deposit the money in the bank.

“BUT,” he instructed, “don’t put it all in at once. Do it $500 at a time. We don’t want the bank thinking it’s drug money.”

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07 2009

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  1. 1

    If he referred to the salesman as “a foreigner,” I would completely be able to commiserate with you. Great post lady!

  2. Lisa Lisa #

    Too funny! $1000 is not really much these days.

  3. 3

    I think that story is as adorable as the bomb my mom dropped on me when she told me she has been intentionally leaving a balance on her visa, because every time she pays it off they call and think she is canceling her card and she doesn’t want to hurt their feelings. SERIOUSLY! OMG!!! She actually believes it will hurt their feelings. I tried to use logic on her, but she won’t listen, she keeps at least 100 bucks on the damn card so they won’t get their feelings hurt.
    .-= SoupDiva´s last blog ..Not so neighborly…….. =-.

  4. Nic #

    *ugh* buying a new car is aweful. Best time (in Canada) is in February. Car salesmen are starving.

    I’m evil.

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