The BEST Mother’s Day Weekend EVER!

First of all, I need to send a HUGE shout out to all you SINGLE PARENTS out there.

When the LOML goes out of town, the boys are very much aware that they have me outnumbered. Add to that the fact that I now work 20 miles in the opposite direction from where Jake goes to school and where Ben’s day care provider lives, and you’ve got one very burned-out mama headed for the liquor aisle at Costco.

So, I have a new-found respect for anyone who has to raise their kids alone (not that I didn’t respect them before). I had the luxury of the LOML returning home Friday night after being gone for only one week. Single parents selflessly suck it up day in and day out, and some even go to school on top of it all. I honestly don’t know how you do it.


My awesome weekend began Thursday evening. While making dozens of new friends at the 1st Annual Mom’s Night Out, I was the lucky winner of a pink VADO pocket video camera from the wonderful ladies at and

Then my week as a single parent came to an end when the LOML returned from Minnesota on Friday night. (But only for a few hours, since he got in at 11:30pm and then promptly left at 5:00am to take an all-day exam.) At least he was home.

On Saturday morning, the boys and I spent a few hours at Sacramento’s Fairytale Town and Funderland. And I was instantly reminded why I decided to have kids. You know you’re doing something good when you can get your children to laugh like this:

Benzilla's 'Mona Lisa' Smile. God knows he's hiding the devil behind that grin.

Benzilla's 'Mona Lisa' Smile. God knows he's hiding the devil behind that grin.

Quite possibly the coolest picture I've ever taken of Jake. When was the last time YOU smiled like that?

Quite possibly the coolest picture I've ever taken of Jake. When was the last time YOU smiled like that?

Later that day, the LOML and I had the privelige of dropping the boys off at his mom’s house for an over-nighter. NO BOYS FOR 24 HOURS. The activities for the night shall remain confidential, although I did spend part of the evening with a half-naked Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds.

Then this morning, after being allowed to sleep in until 9:00am, I received this direct message on Twitter:

plumkeeper: Congrats! Your tweet won the “Moms Tweet” contest. Pls send an email to . . . with name, address, phone #.

Hell. F-ing. YEAH!!

The iTouch that I’d worked so hard for was officially mine! I earned it too, considering I spent the week soliciting votes via Facebook and Twitter (and at work, and from my family . . . ) I do have to say, though, that I was genuinely surprised that I won, considering some of the other quotes were laugh-out-loud funny and gave me some serious competition!

So . . . a free Vado, fun with the boys, a night alone with the LOML, and a free iTouch.

Is it selfish of me to hope I nab that Wii too?

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05 2009

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  1. Katie #

    Congratulations on winning the iTouch, you’re going to love it. Be prepared to spend hours in the App section of the iTunes store looking what’s available. I think my favorite App is the Amazon Kindle App (free) that allows you to buy any book that Amazon has available for their Kindle.

  2. 2

    CONGRATULATIONS! I was thinking about that yesterday… I voted from every different computer that I had access to! You’re boys are adorable!

  3. Nic #

    Aw, right on! *woot!!!* You’re going to love it for sure.

    Never too selfish to ask the powers that Be for the Wii. It’s a pile of fun and worth pining for.


  4. 4

    Happy M’s Day! I’m sorry I’m late.

  5. Annette #

    Yay!…..Congrats–well the story was righteously deserving!

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