Easter and My Dad

I hope that everyone had a fantastic day yesterday, whether you celebrate Easter or not.

Being raised Catholic, the holiday is bigger than Christmas for my mother. But for my dad—whom I’ve dubbed the “Mexican/Indian Archie Bunker With a Hearing Problem,” Easter is pretty big deal. (Strange, for someone with so many cynical opinions and conspiracy theories.)

We spent most of yesterday afternoon at my parents’ house, grazing on food, gabbing with family, and watching our son play with cousins he never knew existed. (I’m from one of those big Mexican families that seem to multiply like Gremlins.)

My dad, though, spends the afternoon in a plastic lawn chair, drinking beer (Natural Light, anyone?!) and watching the kids hunt eggs—with a huge smile on his face. Prior to their arrival, he roams the backyard in search of clever hiding places for three $5 bills for the older kids to find. (He’s been doing this for years, and I think there are still some $5 bills from years past rotting away somewhere, never found.)

My theory about why he likes Easter so much is to get back at us as parents—it’s the only time he’s got free reign to give his grandkids as much candy as he wants without much of an argument. The fact that the chocolate candy that’s hidden in the plastic eggs sit in the sun and melt—therefore making each grandchild a chocolaty mess for the parent to clean up—surely provides him some joy as well.

Mostly, though, I just get a kick out of him getting such a kick out of Easter.

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04 2007

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  1. Kristen #

    this easter was crazy! xavier and mason and aunt lynne really made it interesting lol especially xavier. he reminds me of pablo the penguin from the backyardigans!

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