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This is What Happens When I Leave the Boys Alone With My Husband

When the LOML and I first bought our house, we were all young and in love and pregnant with Jake and most things worked but there were also things that needed fixing.

And instead of fixing the things that were broken, the LOML went on a destruction spree which totally ruined a few of the nice things and has turned our lot into something that renters wouldn’t even want to live in. Like the fact that we have no tree or plants or even a REAL LAWN out front. We have green weeds that are mowed to look like grass. And don’t get me started on the back yard – what was once a nice little place to hang out now has a gaping hole dug out “so that we can have pavers someday.” And whenever it rains a pool of water collects in the gaping hole so that our back yard can become the neighborhood breeding ground for mosquitoes and West Nile Virus. But I digress.

Because this little story is about a door knob. Or lack thereof.

A couple of weeks ago, Jake got stuck in the bathroom. And after employing various methods of trying to get the knob to unlock (bobby pins, small flat head screwdrivers, toy laser guns), the LOML decided to just take the doorknob off. Upon dismantling of the doorknob assembly, he noticed that it was actually not one whole doorknob set, but two different doorknobs (one for each side of the door) paired together to make one set. Seriously.

ANYWAY, a few days later, the LOML went to Home Depot and spared no expense in getting us an $8 replacement doorknob assembly. THIS IS IMPORTANT.

Fast forward to last Friday night, when I decided that I wanted to get out of the house for a while and go see a movie alone (we do that sometimes — it allows me to see “girl movies” and it allows the LOML to see “crappy movies” without one having to drag the other along). When I got back at around 10:30, the LOML was still up and quite chatty for someone who just spent three hours alone with my kids.

After I was done brushing my teeth and was climbing into bed, he said, “So, your sister got a pretty interesting phone call tonight.”

And I was all, “Oh SHIT. Who’s in the hospital now? Did someone die? Is everything okay?” because I just KNEW he was talking about Terry, and SHE’S the one who always gets the death/dying/family emergency calls first and WHY IS HE JUST NOW TELLING ME THIS??

And he said, “No, no, it’s not like that. Everything’s fine now.”

And I said, “NOW? Everything’s fine . . . NOW?”

And he was like, “Yeah, we had a little excitement here at the house . . .”


And he lowered his head, started to laugh, and said, “I locked myself in the bathroom.”

Here now, in his own words, is Troy’s recount of what happened:

“Okay, so I was in the bathroom installing the new doorknob and I had only got HALF of it done when Benny comes in and says ‘Bye Daddy! Have a good day!’ and I was all, ‘Okay, have a good day’ but I had my back turned and didn’t realize that as he was saying this he was shutting the door, then all of the sudden in the mirror I see the door shutting and I tried to stop it from shutting but he’s such a quick little shit that I didn’t get to it in time. Then when I tried to open the door it wouldn’t open so I called for Jake and asked him if Benny was okay and he was all, ‘Yeah, Dad, he’s in your room watching Kipper’ so I said to Jake ‘Daddy is stuck in the bathroom and I need your help’ and then it got really quiet. Then Jake said ‘Are you stuck on the toilet Dad and do you need some toilet paper?’ and I laughed and said, ‘No I can’t get OUT of the bathroom because the door won’t open.’ So then Jake asked ‘Whaddaya want ME to do?’ and I said ‘Hang on, let me see what I can do from in here.’ Then I took a screwdriver and I took apart what I could of that fricking cheap-ass doorknob that I paid $8 for – I should have known it would break because it was only $8 stupid bucks . . . stupid lock . . . anyway, I took it apart and then told Jake to pull on the doorknob gently and the other side fell out so I could see him through the hole in the door. Then I said, ‘Jake, go get Daddy’s wallet off the counter,’ and I swear to GOD that kid came back with a CREDIT CARD. How he knew I wanted to get a credit card out I DON’T KNOW, but he slid it through the hole and I tried to get the door to open with it but it didn’t work. Then I said, ‘Okay Champ, go get Daddy’s phone off the counter.’ And when he brought it back it wouldn’t fit through the hole so I had to try and guide him through the calling process and when he finally got the contacts list up I tried to put my finger through the hole to find your name but I couldn’t reach it and see it at the same time so I told Jake, ‘Okay, rub your thumb on the silver button until you see Mommy’s name,’ and he said ‘I don’t see Mommy in here’ because he was looking for the ‘M’s’ for ‘Mommy’ so I told him to hold up the phone so I could see it and it was all the way down at the bottom and I saw your sister’s name and I said ‘OKAY, PRESS THE GREEN PHONE BUTTON!!’ and he pressed the button, put the phone up to his ear AND WALKED AWAY. I could hear him talking on the phone like he was just talking to a friend so I had to yell, ‘JAKE!! TELL AUNTIE TERRY THAT I NEED HER TO CALL YOUR MOM!’ and then he said something into the phone but I couldn’t hear what he was saying so I freaked out and took the screwdriver and just started ramming it into things inside the hole and the door came open and then I said, ‘TELL HER NEVER MIND I GOT OUT OF THE BATHROOM.’ And then he said something into the phone again and then hung up. After that, I threw that piece of shit doorknob away and put the boys to bed.”


Here, now, is my niece Kristen’s recount of what happened. Because when Jake called “Auntie Terry’s House,” Kristen was the one who answered the phone:

“So last night, the phone rang and I answered it (exciting right?) and I hear “Auntie Terry?? Call grandma!! My dad is locked in the bathroom!!!” I have NO CLUE who it was but it sounded urgent so I didn’t say anything about not being “Auntie Terry”. I kept asking “Who is this? Sweetie, calm down, what’s your name and I’ll call Grandma.” I never got a name but I heard “Never mind, just call Kathleen!” (I’m now assuming that it’s Jake on the phone and Uncle Troy was stuck in the bathroom.) So now I’m thinking I shouldn’t really call Grandma about this…and then I hear Uncle Troy say “It’s ok! I got out!” Phone call ended. It was quite the change of pace for my Tuesday night. I still really have no clue what happened, but you better get that blog up soon ‘cause I have to know Uncle Troy’s side of the story!!”

Here, now, is my sister Terry’s recount of what happened.

“When the phone rang I recognized the number so I told Kristen to answer it, and she got really quiet, and was SO CALM the whole time. I could hear her saying, ‘Okay sweetie . . . tell me your name’ and thought it was weird, but was SO AMAZED at how calm she was! After she got off the phone she said, ‘Uncle Troy locked himself in the bathroom but he’s okay now’ and we laughed about it, and I’ve been dying to hear the other side of the story so we could piece it all together.”

Seriously. It’s like my blog writes itself.

Oh! And by the way — do you want to know what he replaced that “cheap-ass eight dollar lock” with?

He replaced it with a NINE DOLLAR LOCK. I kid you not.


04 2010

Conversations With Benny: “I Shoot You . . . Chick-hahhh!”

One of the things that we parents must constantly remember is that our children are little sponges. They take in and devour whatever grown-ups say, do, or listen to, then regurgitate it in public.

Like the time we were at the park and Jake decided to scream to me from the swings, “Oh . . . My . . . GOD . . . Becky. Look at her BUTT!” after a rather large woman walked by. I pretended not to know him.

Then there’s the little stuff.

I talk about photography quite a bit around my boys — on the phone with potential clients, reading excerpts from trade magazines, and trying to explain composition and lighting concepts to the LOML.

So this past weekend I shouldn’t have been all that surprised by Benny’s choice of words while trying to get my attention for a photo op.

“Mama!! Be still and I shoot you. Chick-haaah.”

Now, if you’ve been following me for a while, you know that I have a thing about guns: I don’t like them. So imagine my reaction as I heard those words come out of my toddler’s mouth and into the ears of the other moms and dads on the playground.

Horrified, I said, “You shoot me? I don’t understand? And what is ‘chick-haaah’?”

Which is unusual for me because I’M usually the one who gets looked to for a ruling on Ben-ese when no one else can understand him.

Then he ran to this little toy goggle contraption, pointed at it, and said, “I SHOOT you mama.” After which, he came over to me, pointed at my Nikon, and said “Chick-haaah.” And had he been a little older, he probably would have followed up with “My mom is such a DUMB ASS.”


03 2010

Alert the Media: My Boys Can Color Together Without Killing Each Other AND My Baby Can Read. Seriously.

So tonight was “fill out your ‘valentimes’ night,” and I actually got the boys to sit at the table together for 30 minutes to write and color without killing each other.

Contrary to popular belief, I did NOT medicate the boys prior to taking this photo. I did manage to medicate myself, though.

After Benny was done putting his designer touches on his “valentimes,” I wrote in the names of his day care play mates using a color crayon and put them in a stack so I could insert “the super-cool Spiderman pencil” accessory to each one.

A few minutes later, Benny wandered back into the kitchen, picked up one of the valentines, and said, “That’s Mad-dix.”

Whah? This kid’s been SERIOUSLY holding out on me.

So, I picked up the valentine and said, “I’m sorry sweetie, I didn’t hear you. What does this say?”

“That’s Mad-dix, Mama.”

Then I was all, “Dude, my kid is so TOTALLY a genius. I shall call him ‘Baby Genius’ and use him to get discounts at local eateries with his genius and cuteness.”

Which then led to our exploiting him on video in the same manner as the other parents on that commercial for “My Baby Can Read.” It’s just that our “baby” is almost three.

“Benny Reads” from Mama Needs a Cosmo on Vimeo.

PS: Thank you, Miss Jan. We know this was all your doing. :)


02 2010

What Into the HELL Are We Feeding These Kids?

The LOML and I were late in starting a “measurement wall” for the boys. It wasn’t until Jake was 3 1/2 that we began to track his height, and Ben was nearly 3 when we started tracking his. (At least we used the same wall.)

Yes, those are diced tomatoes. Why we chose the kitchen pantry wall for this gig I'll never know.

Anyhoo, we decided to see if the boys had grown any since November 2009 (last track date), and imagine our surprise when we found that they’d grown a collective four inches in three months. Seriously.

If I don't buy this kid some new school pants soon, he's going to be known as "high-water" boy. We shopped for those pants in August.

Two inches, baby. Two inches since November. This one eats and drinks three times his body weight in a week. Is 3' 3" tall. And weighs 40 pounds. AT AGE 2 1/2. I keep waiting for Jerry Maguire to call.


02 2010


The only thing Benny likes more than being naked is the process by which he takes off his clothes. Personally, I think this was his imitation of Mick Jagger.


02 2010