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It’s Not Fair

Before I start, I must say that my heart and prayers are with the families of the victims of yesterday’s Omaha Mall Shooting. Since it doesn’t seem fair that the media chooses to shine most of the light on the killer, which is what the selfish bastard wanted, I choose to shine my source of light on the victims. The fatalities were:

Gary Scharf, 48, customer
John McDonald, 65, customer
Angie Shuster, 36, employee
Maggie Webb, 24, employee
Janet Jorgensen, 66, employee
Diane Trent, 53, employee
Gary Joy, 56, employee
Beverly Flynn, 47, employee

Apparently there are also five others that were wounded, two of them critically. My thoughts and prayers are with them as well.

Kind of makes our problems of the day really insignificant, doesn’t it? I don’t have much else to say.

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12 2007

WTF Wednesday: Sex Offenders

I’m going to begin a segment called “WTF Wednesday.” I know it’s Thursday, but something made me scream “WTF!!” today, which gave me the idea for “WTF Wednesday,” but I have to write about it today or I’ll fling myself out a window.

I like to listen to the news in the morning while I get ready for work. We’ve got a local station that I’m particularly fond of, and I really like how they fuse human interest and local happenings into their show.

This morning, however, my mouth gaped open as they ran a story about sex offenders.

California’s new “Jessica’s Law” has a loophole in it, allowing sex offenders released from jail to register as a “transient” if they cannot find housing that is more than 2000 feet away from a school or park where children play.

Why was I mad? Maybe it’s because WE NEEDED THIS KIND OF PRESS WHEN THE MEASURE WAS STILL ON THE BALLOT! Voters had the information in front of them last November. The sad thing is that those who voted “Yes” on Proposition 83 allowed themselves to succumb to fear-laden commercials about rapists and child molesters attacking our families and how the new law would protect us all, instead of reading the bill’s text.

But, no one spoke up!

Well, except for this person.

And this person.

And these guys.

And this person.

Anyway. there’s this feeling now that “all of the sudden,” “because of this new loophole,” sex offenders can randomly roam among us, creating yet one more fear and reason to not let our kids play outside or ride their bikes to school.

As a mother, what can I do?

I will certainly NOT use fear. Remember “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself?” I will NOT allow myself or my sons to turn into Henny Penny or Ducky Lucky or Loosey Goosey and run straight toward a fox’s den with Chicken Little every time he shouts that the sky is falling.

Instead, maybe educate my sons the RIGHT way. I’ll give them the Facts about Sex Offenders. I’ll teach them how to recognize what type of touching is inappropriate. I’ll teach them how to yell “fire!” and stomp and scream and scratch until the person who tries to abduct them gives up for fear of being caught. And I’ll tell them that anyone–including a family member or friend–who says “Touching is a secret” or “Your parents won’t love you anymore if you tell them what we did” is LYING.

Victims of the Shooting

Since most of the news tends to be focused on the shooter and not the victims, I thought I’d post this blog for you to see:

Thank you to for making it available.


04 2007

We Should Have No Complaints Today

You know, I’m always thinking, “What am I going to Blog about today?” And most of the time, things come to me and the light goes on and I’ll know exactly what the subject is and what I’m going to say.

Then yesterday happened, and all of the sudden we’re jerked back into our bodies with the realization that we are living our lives ass backwards. I can’t even begin to imagine the pain that the shooting victims’ families are feeling right now. As the victim of armed robbery and shooting myself, I DO know what it’s like to be on the wrong side of a gun (as if there even is a “right” side). It’s probably one of a handful of times I’ve ever felt truly helpless, and the only time I ever feared for my life.

I hate guns, and I hate that they exist. It took me two weeks to speak to my husband after he bought my son a Nerf dart gun without consulting me first. I didn’t want it in my house. (He told me that I was overreacting, to which I replied that since HE’S never been shot, he would NEVER be allowed to tell me how to feel about guns. Ever.)

But in this day and age, I have to live with the fact that my son will see violence in movies and will want to recreate it in our living room. The day he pointed to the TV and told me, “Look mom . . . he’s gonna shoot that guy,” I made him run his fingers over my scar. I told him that guns were bad, and that mommy had been shot with a gun, and she didn’t like guns—even the toy ones.

Despite my insignificant pet peeves and selfish desires (can you believe I even complained about not having HD? How stupid am I feeling right now?), I live an extremely happy life. My family is healthy, we’ve got a place to live, and are blessed to be able to all sit at the dinner table together. No one is missing. No one is sick. My husband and I are both employed, and both of our vehicles are in working order.

We have no complaints. And unless you were directly affected by yesterday’s shooting, neither should you.


04 2007

Seat Belts and Car Seats

Hello blog world! This is my very first blog post.

And I’m not going to just eeeaaase into it. Nope.

I’ve decided to just full-on piss people off on my maiden voyage.

Yep. This is going to get me into sooo much trouble. I just know it.

I’ve been simmering for a while about this story–three adults and one small child killed by a drunk driver in my hometown of Sacramento CA. (Related article can be seen here:

And while it is deplorable that there was yet another fatal accident caused by a drunk driver, can someone please tell me why, a) None of the adults killed were wearing a seat belt? and, b) Why in God’s name was the child not in a car seat?

The crash may have undoubtedly killed the adults in the front seat — the drunk driver took care of that. But, what about the passengers in the back seat? And the little boy — riding on someone’s LAP instead of being secured in a safety seat — will never get to ride a swing, eat ice cream, or read a book. Dare I say his mother took care of that?

This was a horrific accident, made much worse by carelessness. Am I the only one who thinks that someone could have survived if they’d taken three seconds to put their seat belts on? Or take a few minutes to put a little boy in his car seat?

As a parent, I am mortified that this could happen to me. But at least I know I can reduce my family’s chances of dying in an accident by using my seat belt, and teaching my son how to use his.


04 2007